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For the Italian company GAMMA SRL Unipersonale, we did research for bringing their product (PyroGrill) to foreign distributors.

After we did the necessary research for best potential markets, we discussed the results with the owners.
They agreed about our plan and within some months we found their needed distributors in multiple countries.

PyroGrill is an Italian design BBQ/Grill, made of steel or Inox. PyroGrill is using pellets to create pyrolysis combustion.
This is World Wide a unique way of using a grill or BBQ.

Gamma has 3 different models. 
PyroGrill single ( stailess steel or combined with painted steel)

PyroGrill Double (stailess steel)

PyroGrill Camping (foldable)

PyroGrill Single
PyroGrill Camping
PyroGrill Double
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